Orange-streaked Ringlet (Hypocysta irius)

Orange-streaked Ringlet

Common Brown (Heteronympha merope)

Common Brown

Glasswing (Acraea andromacha)


Rustic (Cupha prosope)


Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi)

Australian Painted Lady

Yellow Admiral (Vanessa itea)

Yellow Admiral

Larry's Australian Butterflies

(the fluttering things that distract you when looking for birds)

The Bushpea Gallery currently holds 433 photos of 116 Australian butterfly species.

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Larry Dunis, whose delightful butterfly photographs form the basis of the collection.

Watching for movement in the vegetation is one way of finding birds, especially if you're a little on the deaf side like me and have trouble hearing little birds calling. Butterflies, especially in numbers, certainly frustrate this method as ones eyes are continually attracted to their movement, but on the plus side they are beautiful creatures and their quiet fluttering transforms any location into a little paradise.

Photographing butterflies is a complete distraction from birding however, and I could easily miss a Grey Falcon carrying off a Golden-shouldered Parrot whilst focused on one of these beautiful insects.

But then, I wouldn't want to see any harm come to a Golden-shouldered Parrot anyway.

Other Creatures