Insect Group List

Robber Fly (Phellus piliferus) (Phellus piliferus)

Robber Fly
(Phellus piliferus)

March Fly (Tabanidae sp)

March Fly

Gumleaf Grasshopper (Goniaea australasiae)

Gumleaf Grasshopper

Scorpionfly (Harpobittacus australis) (Harpobittacus australis)

(Harpobittacus australis)

Cuckoo Wasp (Chrysis sp) (Chrysis sp)

Cuckoo Wasp
(Chrysis sp)

Bushpea Insects

(The six-legged things you find when looking for birds)

The Bushpea Gallery currently holds 848 photos of 274 Australian insect species.

Butterfly photographs have been placed separately in Larry's Australian Butterflies pages.

Dragonfly and Damselfly photographs appear separately in the Australian Dragonflies pages.

Insects make up half of Earth's known living organisms so it's not surprising that we see lots of them when enjoying the bush. Closely observing insects reveals a world of colourful and fascinating creatures living amazing lives and can be very distractive from birding.

Over the years I've been bitten by many of the ones that bite and stung by many of those that sting, but not usually by the ones I'm watching at the time, which is perhaps another good reason to pay attention to them.

The photographs here are mostly taken by natural light and the insects themselves not interfered with other than the unavoidable close presence of that great clod, the photographer, doing his or her best to be invisible and unthreatening.

Other Creatures