Spider Group List

Jumping Spider (Sandalodes superbus) (Sandalodes superbus)

Jumping Spider
(Sandalodes superbus)

Huntsman Spider (Holconia sp) (Holconia sp)

Huntsman Spider
(Holconia sp)

Golden Orb-Weaver (Nephila edulis) (Nephila edulis)

Golden Orb-Weaver
(Nephila edulis)

Wolf Spider (za) (Lycosidae sp)

Wolf Spider

Long-jawed Spider (zc) (Tetragnatha sp)

Long-jawed Spider

Bushpea Australian Spiders

(The eight-legged things you find when looking for birds)

The Bushpea Gallery currently holds 533 photos of 112 Australian spider species.

I love spiders but there are hazards. For example I've made the occasional home visit to a Golden Orb spider. One immediately becomes attached to the place and it's often difficult to tear oneself away in order to continue birding.

For the next few hours you find sticky golden strands of web and the remains of dead insects adhering to your face, arms and clothing and a niggling thought persists that the very large spider you just made homeless has taken up travelling and you may be the transport.

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