Welcome to Bushpea

Welcome to, a peaceful little spot in an out-of-the-way corner of the web, inhabited by a few individuals of proud bearing, peculiar interests and dubious sanity. Should you find yourself unexpectedly arrived on these shores and can think of not a single better thing to do (as evidenced by your having read thus far), you are most welcome to wander amongst these pages.

A pair of Australasian Grebes
Australasian Grebes

Vik, the native of Bushpea responsible for its general maintenance and the layout of its paths and gardens, would like to think that this little backwater is a lucid, organised and happy place, kept for the benefit of family, friends and anyone whose fortune it is to be washed up on its beaches. In truth, it probably bears more resemblance to an upset fruit barrow, at which catastrophe you may still find a nice granny smith among the debris.

Painted Finch
Painted Finch

In any case, you are welcome to wander around Bushpea, peer at the birds, ponder on the books, and puzzle over the other stuff. Be assured that the natives are friendly, though sometimes a little deranged, and may be summonsed by banging on the e-mail drum if you find something of interest or enjoyment and feel the inclination to ask question or make comment.

We thank you for visiting Bushpea. Return any time.

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