Hemiptera: Corixidae

Corixidae sp  

Water Boatman (Corixidae sp) (Corixidae sp)
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© Vik Dunis 2016
Murray-Sunset National Park, VIC (Apr, 2016)
Common Names
  • Water Boatman

While spending an evening at the edge of a remote sand dune in the middle of Murray-Sunset National Park, amongst the insects on the sand attracted to our light I was surprised to find quite a few Water Boatmen.

These are insects that one expects to find in water and here they were, many kilometres from any body of water, or even a puddle, in an arid mallee and spinifex environment.

I later read that Water Boatmen are actually excellent fliers, able to easily move from one water body to another.* Well that seems to be true. I'm very impressed, these insects are only a few millimetres long.

*Gooderham, John and Tsyrlin, Edward (2002). The Waterbug Book. CSIRO Publishing, p.150.

Water Boatman (Corixidae sp) (Corixidae sp)

Out of the Water

Water Boatman (Corixidae sp) (Corixidae sp)

Swimming on Sand

Water Boatman (Corixidae sp) (Corixidae sp)

Unhappy Ending (for some)