Diptera: Asilidae

Daptolestes sergius  

Robber Fly (Daptolestes sergius) (Daptolestes sergius)
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© Vik Dunis 2014
Baw Baw National Park, VIC (Feb, 2014)
Common Names
  • Robber Fly

When I took this photograph, I thought I was looking at a wasp.

On later examination of the image, a different identity became obvious.

The insect has only two wings, not four, so it's a fly, definitely not a wasp.

Secondly, that moustache suggests the protective bristles of a predatory robber fly, and the deep thorax is consistent with the powerful flight requirements of a robber fly.

So I searched for robber flies on the internet and found my little subject appeared identical to Daptolestes sergius.

Robber Fly (Daptolestes sergius) (Daptolestes sergius)

Robber Fly