Diptera: Asilidae

Bathypogon nigrinus  

Robber Fly (Bathypogon nigrinus) (Bathypogon nigrinus)
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© Geoff Walker 2015
Karawatha Forest Park, QLD (Feb, 2015)

When I first started photographing Dragonflies I thought they were these delightful colourful aeronautical marvels but I quickly found out they were ruthlessly efficient hunters. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

This photo does not show a misguided passionate embrace between a Robber Fly (Bathypogon nigrinus) and a female Common Bluetail Damselfly, but rather a damsel in distress as the Robber fly (Bathypogon nigrinus) injects emulsifier into the back of her head and then sucks all the juice and life force out of her.

Robber Fly (Bathypogon nigrinus) (Bathypogon nigrinus)

Robber Fly
(Bathypogon nigrinus)