Hymenoptera: Vespidae

Ropalidia gregaria  

Paper Wasp (Ropalidia gregaria) (Ropalidia gregaria)
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© Geoff Walker 2008
Samsonvale Cemetery, QLD (Feb, 2008)
Common Names
  • Paper Wasp

In 2008, Queensland was in a long period of drought and the water levels of Lake Samsonvale were so low that you could walk along a pre-dam road called Postman Track which went right across where the dam now is.

At this time the floor or bed of the dam had become a field of grass at least 1.5 to 2 metres high. This area housed King Quail and many nests of the paper wasp.

It was worth a cautious walk through the long grass to catch a view, however fleeting, of a King Quail.

Paper Wasp (Ropalidia gregaria) (Ropalidia gregaria)

Paper Wasp