Orthoptera: Acrididae

Beplessia dispar  

Lumpy Beplessia Grasshopper (Beplessia dispar)
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© Vik Dunis 2014
Purga Nature Reserve, QLD (May, 2014)
Common Names
  • Lumpy Beplessia
Wallpaper image
Wallpaper thumb: Lumpy Beplessia Grasshopper

I found this grasshopper at the base of a paperbark tree in Purga Nature Reserve.

Its appearance is quite a cryptic and it blended in well with its surroundings.

During my attempts to identify it, I came across a photograph of a female Lumpy Beplessia in David Rentz's Grasshopper Country*, and I think this may well be the male of the same species.

*Rentz, David (1996). Grasshopper Country: The Abundant Orthopteroid Insects of Australia.
UNSW Press, plate 323 and p.189.

Lumpy Beplessia Grasshopper (Beplessia dispar)

Male Lumpy Beplessia