Diptera: Limoniidae

Epiphragma meridionalis  

Crane Fly (Epiphragma meridionalis) (Epiphragma meridionalis)
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© Vik Dunis 2016
Baw Baw National Park, VIC (Mar, 2016)
Common Names
  • Southern Short-palped Crane Fly
Wallpaper image
Wallpaper thumb: Crane Fly (Epiphragma meridionalis)

A Limoniid crane fly resting on a tree-fern frond in rainforest half-way up Mount Erica.

Not having ever noticed this species of crane fly with its beautiful wing pattern before, I wanted to get more photographs but it was not to be on this occasion.

The fly disappeared after this one shot and could not be found again.

Crane Fly (Epiphragma meridionalis) (Epiphragma meridionalis)

Southern Short-palped Crane Fly