Phaps elegans  

Brush Bronzewing (Phaps elegans)
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© Larry Dunis 2009
Donnelly River, WA (Jun, 2009)

Yes Vik, these birds are tremendously difficult to stalk. This rather poor shot was taken from a fair distance and then I set about trying to get closer. We played "now you see me now you don't" games for quite a while including a lengthy Mexican stand-off where both I and the bird (behind vegetation) stood stock still looking at each other for ages. However, I blinked first and he was gone.

It's obvious the bird's wariness was more than a match for my sneakiness as this is still my only shot. Ah well some other time.

By the way Vik, love the rainbow effect in your shot.

Brush Bronzewing (Phaps elegans)

Brush Bronzewing