Blue Riverdamsel (Pseudagrion microcephalum)

Blue Riverdamsel

Red and Blue Damsel (Xanthagrion erythroneurum)

Red and Blue Damsel

Pilbara Threadtail (Nososticta pilbara)

Pilbara Threadtail

Slender Skimmer (Orthetrum sabina)

Slender Skimmer

Australian Tiger (Ictinogomphus australis)

Australian Tiger

Wandering Pennant (Macrodiplax cora)

Wandering Pennant

Bushpea Damselflies and Dragonflies

(The damsels and dragons that distract us from birds)

The Bushpea Gallery currently holds 805 photos of 111 Australian dragonfly species.

It's easy to be distracted from bird-watching by dragonflies. A couple of us at Bushpea have been known to go out specifically looking for them, instead of for birds, but don't tell anyone.

And why not watch dragonflies? They are incredibly proficient aeronauts, fabulous hunters, amazingly colourful, and their reproductive behaviour is very interesting, to say the least. Fascinating, entertaining, and often a challenge to identify, what's not to like about these beautiful creatures?

The animal order, Odonata, containing damselflies and dragonflies is well represented in Australia with over 320 species in thirty families. There aren't many parts of the country where you can't find at least one or two species. These pages contain images of many of those we have had the pleasure of coming across.

Websites with great images of Australian dragonflies and useful information include:

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